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In need of a quick break?  Our new Shorty’s smokes are perfect for an interlude with bliss! You will receive .4g of the purest California indoor flower along with .3g of our finest live resin concentrate in each of the five handcrafted Shorty’s. To top things off they are then dusted with kief, ensuring the user of an out-of-this-world experience, which won’t soon be forgotten! These are definitely made for heavy hitters!

Gives feelings of being:  Revived, Uplifted, Joyful, Creative, Social, Giddy, Mellow, Aroused

RelievesStress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, Migraines, Pain, Weight Loss, Muscle Spasms

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Contents:  80% sativa.

Reported Flavors and Aromas: Sweet, Berry, Earthy, Skunky, Fruity, Floral, Pungent, Pine, Pepper, Tropical, Tootsie Roll

Comparable strains: Dutchberry, Bruce Banner

Possible Side Effects: Headache, Dizzy, Introspect, Appetite Stimulant

With a higher concentration of sativa, this strain offers the patient more cerebral relief for treating conditions such as anxiety and stress. Bubbleberry is a popular strain among cannabis patients because it’s a powerful one-hitter that’s long-evolving. If too much is consumed, the effects can be intense, so new patients should take it slow; one toke at a time. This is a great daytime strain to get you up and going!

Bubbleberry is a reported to be one of the most uplifting hybrid strains according to the cannabis collective. While it may leave you contemplating the interconnectedness of all things, your body will be vibrant and filled with a powerful life-force that inspires deeply moving inner energy as you embark on an elevated journey of Tai Chi, Qigong or yoga practice.

The Bubbleberry cannabis cultivar is a Sativa forward hybrid strain bred through the lineage of Blueberry and BubblegumBubblebery is a parent strain of Dream Police.